Expanding List of Ruby on Rails Sites, Editors, Tutorials, Cheat Sheets and More

Most of these Ruby on Rails related links are right out of my bookmarks. I checked for 404s and added more recent entries, but this list is far from complete. New blogs, sites, tutorials and tools are released on a daily basis. Just leave a comment or contact me if you want your link(s) or anything related added, or have spotted any broken links.

(Updated 02/22/2008. Keep the suggestions coming!)

Installation Guides

These are to help you get Ruby and Rails installed and configured, ready for Hello World.

Freeware and Commercial Ruby on Rails IDEs and Editors

Hello World!

More In-depth Rails Tutorials

Rails Screencasts

Code Examples and Snippets

Ruby / Rails Blogs

These are blogs dedicated primarily to Ruby and/or Rails.

Communities / Wikis / Forums / Mailing lists / IRC

Gems / Plugins / Tools

These are some miscellaneous Rails stuff I had bookmarked. I know there are hundreds of great things I’m missing here. Don’t hesitate to recommend your favorites.

Rails 2.0

Free Ruby / Rails Books

These are books that you can read online or download for free.

References / Cheatsheets

Handy references and cheat sheets to bookmark or print out.

10 thoughts on “Expanding List of Ruby on Rails Sites, Editors, Tutorials, Cheat Sheets and More”

  1. I am looking for a list of impressive commercial sites implemented using RoR… I think that would make a nice additional section above too :)

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