Over 900 Awesome Tux Avatars – Free Download

While browsing the Intertubes looking for reasons to avoid doing meaningful work, I came across a file called Tux_Avatars.rar, which caught my attention primarily because it was big (>50 megs); “How many tux avatars can you have?” I philosophized. So I did what I always do when I come across files I know nothing about. I downloaded and opened it.

After the RapidShare obstacle course and the download were done, I extracted a folder containing.. Tux avatars! (shocker!) – LOTS of avatars. 945 avatars. It was originally scraped and put together (not by me) from Crystal XP’s Tux Factory (license). This is a collaborative effort from the artists at Crystal XP (which now appears to have almost double the amount in this pack), and all credit goes to them.

I put up some avatars below.

You can download the entire pack here (~54-57 MB):

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