A free, self-hosted, and open source alternative to Basecamp

In my search for a Basecamp alternative – because it’s not free, and I’d prefer something I can host on my own server – I have come across an excellent piece of software called ProjectPier. This is a branch from ActiveCollab — an open source project that later became a commercial product. ProjectPier is simple, speedy, and it works!

What I like about ProjectPier:

  • Free/open source
  • Self-hosted
  • Comes with a bunch of nice themes out of the box
  • It’s fast (well, depending on your server)
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to navigate
  • … see reasons on the official site

Features & Requirements: http://www.projectpier.org/manual/tour/features

Screenshots: http://www.projectpier.org/manual/tour/screenshots/ (Default theme)

Download: http://www.projectpier.org/project/projectpier

What project/team management software do you use and/or recommend?

9 thoughts on “A free, self-hosted, and open source alternative to Basecamp”

  1. Hi All very interesting views here though its all about self-hosted solutions. I will like to invite you to see http://www.skylightit.com‘s features it dosent link with SVN/GIThub etc but we have used it for Skylghtit.coms development over last year and find it very useful

  2. Heya
    just found your article, was wondering if you ever found a ‘perfect’ self hosted alternative for yourself or recommend any other ones? I’m currently trying out project pier

  3. I didn’t like this one at all.

    To me the best project management app ever ever (basecamp is not even near) is called ClockingIT. Free and Open Source.

    Look for it and thank me later :)

    1. These days I’m using activeCollab. I like it, but it’s not free. It also lacks svn/git support.. major bummer. We now have to use it along with Warehouse (its now FOSS) instead of Trac.

      ClockingIT looks great. I’ll give it a try.

  4. the single most useful feature of basecamp (for me) is that when you reply to a basecamp-generated e-mail, it posts to the thread instead of to the user who sent the message. ProjectPier doesn’t do this, and is therefore now taken back off my server after an hour of hope.

  5. It seems to be more like a interface change from active collab…and been quite a while since new features were added to it. Would be nice to have a open source solution that can actually compete

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