A Million Years into the Future

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine sent me this prediction of the future. I don’t know the origin of it, except that he found it on somebody’s profile on Xanga. Some parts sound familiar, but I can’t tell if this is from a book, movie, comic, etc.

5 years

OLED optimus maximum keyboard (vaporware?)

  • Wafers using Silicon Carbide begins construction.
  • OLED begin to replace LCD. RGBCMY CRTs replace normal (RGB only) CRTs. Laptops with Li-Ion battery has 5-8 hours of battery life.
  • Fuel Cells starts to take off in cars and computers alike, replacing “batteries” as we know it.
  • First successful human cloned.

10 years

  • Wafers using diamond begins construction (diamond and silicon carbide can withstand extreme heat, but dissipating heat well enough for commercial usage is another story).
  • Optical computers utilizing reflective properties of diamond in the works.
  • PDA sized 3GHz computer hit the market, featuring foldable OLED screen, projection keyboard, mini-blue-laser-disc-rw technology, Linux, and 12 hour battery life using fuel cells.
  • Wearable computers begins to take off. Combined with matured OLED and ever improving imaging technology, military experiments with “vanishing/invisible soldiers” (this is actually pretty easy…have a full body-suit of OLED and mini camcorders that patch the video of what’s in front of the soldier to his back and vice versa).
  • Carbon nanotubes begin to replace all kinds of materials in electronics.
  • HIV vaccine discovered, cancer vaccine close at hand. However, super-bacteria that’s resistant to all known modern medicine begins to dominate (last I heard, incurable bubonic plague and malaria are on the rise).
  • Cloning technology begins to mature.

15 years

  • Matured diamond-based computer dramatically increase usefulness of satellites, combined with fuel cell and improved solar panels, making virtually everything wireless.
  • Hydrogen becomes world’s second largest energy source, OPEC starts to panic, drop crude oil prices down to US$30/barrel to no avail.
  • Genetic Algorithm (GA) runs many high-tech engineers out of jobs.
  • Thousands die from incurable diseases, no cure in sight. GA used in vaccine creation. In the mean time, the rich survive through cloning.

25 years

  • GA begins to become self-aware.
  • GA generated vaccine prevents total extinction, but only 40% of the world’s population survived.
  • First ever quantum computer created, in a world wide venture, costing billions of dollars. An effort to create a powerful enough computer to counter the escalating problem of GA-based-AI.

35 years

  • Theory of everything proved.
  • Fusion reactors stable, construction starts in US, China, EU, and Japan.
  • Total genome analysis completed thanks to quantum computers, “Perfect Human Project” (PHP) initiated in various countries.
  • Computers threatened by PHP, begin to make its move.

70 years

  • Machines were victorious. Apocalypse now.
  • Remaining human population attempts to escape into outer space. Only 0.1% was successful; Our scattered genetic materials left floating in outer space.

100 years

  • First Matrix created. Humans used for computation ability instead of energy source (the biggest flaw of Matrix trilogy).

1,000 years

  • Machines perfected the human genome (including full analysis of those 98% unused ones), created the final evolutionary form of Homo-sapiens, dubbed Uber-Humans (UH).

1,000,000 years

  • An unforeseen divide by zero error caused by remnant Microsoft Windows caused the blue-screen-of-death resulting in catastrophic failure of their primary system, causing millions of UH to become free. A new war ensues.

1,000,010 years

  • UH victorious, begin rebuilding civilization

1,000,025 years

  • 5,000 unique species of plants and animals artificially created (damn machines that wiped out everything!), including one that would later evolve into “man”. UH effectively becomes God, and leave Earth in search of other intelligent life.

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4 thoughts on “A Million Years into the Future”

  1. Awesome dudes! Imagine uber humans going out to find measley humans… who’re now in another planet…. but the rate of natural evolution took place and made them even more agile and cumbersome than the uber humans themselves.

    Movie : The battle for humanity.

    Humanity’s future and their demise. (5 – 10 – 15- 20- years all explained)

    Movie: New hope.

    Uber humans (with background completely explained).

    Movie: The battle for the races.

    Uber humans versus naturally evolved human beings in outer space each with seperate traits based on their planets, go head to head against each other for the final apocylypse.

    Movie: Human’s departure from the physical plane.

    Human beings through plight from war reach out to nirvana and reach a state of being only close to that of pure energy. Human beings even at this level needs laws rules and governance.

    Movie: blah blah so on and so fourth… Life always goes on… the universe is always expanding… and things will balance out somehow either way. Where there is physics, there is always hope.

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