RescueTime’s 22 Gigabyte notifier.debuglog Log File

I did find it weird that I kept running out of disk space recently. That hasn’t happened in years, and most of my big files go on another HD. On top of that, this box has been sluggish lately, even taking into account the fact that it’s ~4 years old and I always have 5-6 desktops filled to the brim.

I finally found the culprit. RescueTime‘s (unofficial) Linux client keeps a log of every single window that has gotten focus, EVER. I figured this would be cleared when the notifications were sent out, but apparently it wasn’t. My failed/ dir is nearly empty, so I know the notifications are getting sent out. The file is named ~/.rescuetime/tmp/notifier.debuglog

It might be that the client only clears the log when the app is closed? That sucks, because I don’t shutdown or reboot (or log out of X for that matter). Aside from the handful of kernel-update reboots (yeah yeah I could just init level down to preserve my uptime), I literally haven’t kept my PC off since 2006.

I don’t mind the disk space, but how the hell are you opening, seeking and writing to a 22gig+ file literally every single time focus is switched? I swear to the Gods I was one CC digit away from ordering a Mac.

notifier debug log rescue time picture

RescueTime is a great service/app, but I’ll keep the client off until this is fixed or they release an official client. No offense to the guys working on the Linux client (<3), especially considering it’s probably their pet project, and I’ve had no other problems with it thus far. Hell, maybe the debug log could of easily been turned off.

I’m using version 90 (newest release as of 11/16). This may have already been fixed in trunk. I’ll check/submit a bug report… eventually.

One thought on “RescueTime’s 22 Gigabyte notifier.debuglog Log File”

  1. I use RescueTime recently and got the same problems. First when .rescuetime still in my home directory, my / nearly full but I can spot this right away. I moved the folder to other partition to hold all my big files, then make symbolic link to my home direcotry.

    Today I discover that my data partition has 0 byte space left. When I close the rescue time applet in gnome bar, I get my 1.3 GB free space back.

    So, for now I an suggest to close and re-add the RescueTime applet in gnome bar.

    Maybe dev team of RescueTime uploader can give option to turn off debugging in next released package.

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