Quick BASH Script to Dump & Compress a MySQL Database

A quick script I whipped up to dump my MySQL database.
Usage: sh backthatsqlup.sh

(be warned that it dumps ALL databases. This can get huge uncompressed)

# Isam (Biodegradablegeek.com) public domain 12/28/2008
# Basic BASH script to dump and compress a MySQL dump

out=sequel_`date +'%m%d%Y_%M%S'`.sql

function e {
  echo -e "n** $1"

e "Dumping SQL file ($out). May take awhile..."
#echo "oh snap" > $out
sudo mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > $out
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
  e "MySQL dump failed. Check that server is up and your username/pass"
  exit 7

e "Uncompressed SQL file size"
du -hs $out

e "Compressing SQL file"
tar -zvvcf $gz $out

if [ $rt -ne 0 ]; then
  e "tar failed (error=$rt). Will NOT remove uncompressed SQL file"
  e "Removing uncompressed SQL file"
  rm -f $out

  e "Compressed SQL file size"
  du -hs $out

e "Moving shit to '$dest'"
sudo mv $out $dest

download BackThatSqlUp.sh

2 thoughts on “Quick BASH Script to Dump & Compress a MySQL Database”

  1. I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this blog. Keep up the great work.

  2. On big tables it is better to do the table compression while exporting.
    Here is an example from a backup I use.
    Note that in my code the mysql will NOT lock the tables which might be not good for small tables.

    function mysqlBackup {
    mysqldump –routines –triggers –single-transaction –quick -h $MYSQL_HOST -u $MYSQL_USER -p$MYSQL_PASS -r $tfile –add-drop-table $DB | gzip -9 > $tfile
    # tar cjf $tfile.tar.bz $tfile
    # rm $tfile

    Gudata’s last blog post..Zip Codes and Distances

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