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Quake Live is a free, manly game to play. QL is a version of Quake 3 that runs as a browser plugin for Firefox, Safari, and IE. It features a skill-matched game finder, a friend’s system, and other modern features. Think a Lite, browser-based version of Steam. Quake 3 came out in 1999, and people have been playing it on a regular basis since. That’s about 11 years ahead of you if you’re new (doesn’t mean you can’t become excellent fast.)

The following Quake Live tips apply to those games: Quake 3, Quake World, Death Match Classic, Warsow, etc.

Quake Live Tips – The Basics

The point of the game is to control the map, not to get the most frags. Kills happen because other players are trying to take over your territory.

Don’t chase your opponent. Chasing is predictable, and will almost always get you killed if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Pay attention to your opponent. What items are they picking up? Their usual routes (surprisingly predictable,) etc.

Pay attention to what your opponent does when their health is low. They will either become very aggressive and erratic, or change their route and generally keep their distance from you.

Learn to strafe jump. It’s not as easy as in Counter-Strike <1.1, but it’s a skill that you can carry into other shooters (listed above), and is a core part of the game. Quake Live makes this easy with a movement practice mode and video tutorials.

Use a low sensitivity. Mine is 1.5. It’s more accurate, and you quickly learn how much force to give the mouse to flick the crosshair if you need to. You don’t need to do 180s and 360s. Once you become good, you will know where opponents are likely to come from, and have the crosshair always in that general direction.

Use ASDW to move, and bind every weapon nearby. I use R for rocket, Q for rail, E for lightening, F for shotgun, etc.

Learn the maps. Duels are a great way to learn maps. You can also learn a map by deciding on a specific item route to follow, and then following it until you’ve memorized it. Then memorizing another route, and so on. For example, rocket to RA to rail to MG to shotgun to rocket to RA ….

Use the right gun for the job. QL/Q3 has the most balanced arsenal in a shooter. Every gun including the machine gun and gauntlet are useable and very powerful. In some situations a machine gun is better than a rocket, such as when the opponent is very far away.

Quake Live Tips – Beyond Basics

Learn the amount of seconds each item takes to spawn. Then learn to countdown internally exactly when that item will respawn. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Begin by only focusing on big items such as Red Armor (RA), Mega Health (MG), etc. You have to control the map (items), and also be able to spot what your opponent has, and both require that you know when items were taken, and/or when they will respawn. You can make the timer count up or down via

Control important items. Focus on controlling at least RA, MG, rocket and rail.

Try to predict what your opponent has equipped. There’s a good chance your opponent will have equipped whatever items were in the immediate vicinity. If they’re walking out from near the lightening gun (LG), they probably have the LG out. This is especially true in pubs and when you know your opponent just spawned or did not pick up a better gun. If there’s a common route, like from rocket to RA, and you know the RA had spawned recently, your opponent likely has RA with rockets a’blazin’

Fire at spawn points. QL has a very low invincibility time when you respawn, and you can die again right away. Memorize the spawn points in each map, and shoot at them when you expect a respawn. If you frag someone, and you know there’s a spawn point behind you, turn around and begin shooting. If they respawn at that point, they’ll be welcomed back with a rocket or balls of plasma.

Watch demos (replays.) Get the Firefox demo player and hop over to ESReality.

You have to actually play the game. Playing is how you get good. I put this tip at the end because people who don’t read up to this point, who will close this page and go play, don’t need the tip. People who read through this entire page are more likely to also be the type of person looking for a shortcut to becoming pro at QL – there are no shortcuts. You have to play the game, and enjoy every loss. Experience comes from playing.

Quake Live Links

Quake Live – Official Site

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7 thoughts on “Quake Live Tips”

  1. LOL oh this brings back memories..

    massive lan parties in my basement with friends till the wee hours of the morning.

    speaking oh which i think its time to install if for old time sake.

  2. Yeah, OpenArena sucks. Everyone left for QL anyway, and the people who are left are seemingly happy to play the same 4 or 5 maps over and over and over again, and elections during the game to move from a slightly rare map back to oasago2 again. QL seems to have 40 maps on frequent rotation, and I can choose from 20 servers full of people – no bots ever (remind me – why would I want to play a multiplayer game against a bot) – 24/7?

  3. haha openarena is on my desk top, You can’t even strafe good in it one. 2 the netcode sucks. Plus every freaking server is high ping, Only like one or 2 servers that have people it blows. quakelive is much better imo. I rather go play cpma quake 3 or osp q3 then to play openarena

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